Outside body

Lambeth First (LSP): Safer Lambeth Partnership Executive


This is the statutory ‘strategic group’ of Safer Lambeth


·          Provides executive and strategic leadership for the Partnership.

·          Receives the annual Strategic Assessment.

·          Approves the Partnership Plan incorporating the annual priorities for reducing crime, disorder and substance misuse.

·          Is accountable to the ‘responsible authorities’ for the implementation of the Partnership Plan and related matters.

·          Is accountable to Lambeth First for the achievement of any relevant targets of Lambeth’s Local Area Agreement.

·          Acts as the budget holder for any pooled or partnership funding in relation to crime and disorder reduction and substance misuse.


·          LBL Chief Executive

·          MPS Borough Commander

·          LBL Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

·          LBL Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Healthier and Stronger Communities

·          Lambeth NHS Chief Executive

·          LFB Borough Commander

·          Area head of the Probation Service

·          plus additional co-optees as agreed by the other members


Meetings are not open to the public but minutes and papers are available online.


For further information contact: democracy@lambeth.gov.uk


Contact information

Jacqueline Pennycook
Democratic Services Officer, Tel: 0207 926 2167, Email:&nbsp;<a href="mailto:jpennycook@lambeth.gov.uk">jpennycook@lambeth.gov.uk</a>

Room 1-17
Lambeth Town Hall
Brixton Hill

Phone: 020 79262167

Fax: 020 7926 2361

Council contact information

Ann Corbett

Our representatives

  • Abdul-Karim Abdullah - Lambeth Safer Neighbourhood
  • Max Lawson - MOPAC
  • Zoe Hickman - MOPAC
  • Pastor Lorraine Jones - Chair of the Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG)
  • Fiona Connolly
  • Andrew Eyres - Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Collaborative Board
  • Andrew Travers (Co-Chair)
  • Colin Wingrove (Co-Chair) - Safer Lambeth Executive
  • Kristian Aspinall
  • Councillor Jacqui Dyer
  • Councillor Becca Thackray
  • Tony Parker
  • Councillor Dr. Mahamed Hashi
  • Merlin Joseph