Officer decisions

Officer Decisions is a database that Lambeth Council uses to list:

This enables transparent decision making, and meets the requirements of the Local Government Act 2000 and the council’s Constitution.

Further Details
More details about Officer Decisions including about Key Decisions, Decision Status and Contact Details are available below the decisions list

Officer decisions
Title Date
Myatts Field North Community Centre – Management Arrangements 25/08/2022
Lease of the main LJ Works (Loughborough Junction) site to Meanwhile Space Community Interest Company (CIC). 24/08/2022
Procurement award report for Phase 3a of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme in Lambeth 22/08/2022
Streatham Hill East Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) M extension 22/08/2022
Procurement of Electric Small Mechanical Brooms (Year 2 Waste and Cleansing Contract) 17/08/2022
Council Homeowner Buyback Valuations 16/08/2022
Disabled Persons’ Parking Places – 2021-22 Batch 3 16/08/2022

Officer decisions archive for decisions made before 10 October 2007

What is a key decision?
A key decision is either a major financial matter or a matter that has a significant impact on the community. In detail, this means that a key decision either: