Executive post

Cabinet Member for Jobs, Skills and Community Safety (job-share)


Keeping Lambeth residents safe is our top priority and the Cabinet Member for Jobs, Skills and Community Safety (job-share) will lead on our work with the community, the police, our partners and the Mayor of London to combat crime in Lambeth. That includes youth violence, community safety, crime reduction programmes, tackling violence against women and girls and tackling anti-social behaviour and hate crime. 


These councillors are also responsible for the Council’s ambitious agenda to increase jobs, skills and apprenticeships for Lambeth residents. 


Responsible for: 

·           Tackling hate crime, domestic violence and anti-social behaviour. 

·           Overseeing our highly regarded Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy (VAWG).

·           Overseeing the Youth Offending Service (YOS) and gang intervention work.

·           Delivering the serious youth violence strategy using a public health approach to tackling the root causes of violent crime.

·           Developing & delivering our apprenticeship programme in order to achieveour target of creating 1,500 apprenticeship opportunities over the next four years. 

·           Delivery of a dedicated apprenticeships advice service and online brokerage to make it easier and simpler for young people to access opportunities. 

·           Employment opportunities for vulnerable adults and people with disabilities. 

·           Adult learning, training and skills. 

·           Post-16 education, training and skills for employment in schools, colleges and other settings. 

·           Directing the Council’s employment programmes to provide increased opportunities for the long-term unemployed, those with complex needs, vulnerable adults, people with disabilities and those identified through the Equality Commission as in need of additional support. 

·           Overseeing Lambeth Working and Pathways to Employment to ensure that our jobs strategy helps those in need.  

·           Digital transformation, including customer services.

Post is held by