Executive post

Cabinet Member for Environment and Clean Air


This councillor is responsible for improving all aspects of the local environment so residents can enjoy a cleaner and greener borough. They will work with communities and residents to stimulate behaviour change and promote sustainability, cleaner air and cleaner streets.


This councillor leads on efforts to increase recycling rates and promote cycling. To combat air pollution she will oversee the installation of a new network of electric charging points, the planting of 1,000 new trees and installing clean air green screens at local primary schools.  The Cabinet Member will also be responsible for the borough’s road maintenance programme, continuing the council’s investment in repairing roads and pavements to make them safe for pedestrians and cyclists. She will also oversee action to tackle enviro-crimes such as fly-tipping, littering and spitting.


Responsible for:


·         Increasing recycling rates and overseeing the council’s waste strategy and street cleaning services.

·         Tackling environmental crime including fly-tipping, littering and dog fouling.

·         Tackling air pollution and overseeing the delivery of clean air green screens at local primary schools and the tree planting programme.

·         Promoting sustainability, overseeing the installation of a new network of electric car charging points and leading on efforts to reduce carbon as Lambeth seeks to become carbon neutral by 2050.

·         Making Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London, improving road safety, signage and street lighting.

·         Overseeing the borough’s parking needs, including traffic management, enforcement and Controlled Parking Zones.

·         Overseeing a programme of road maintenance and repair through the capital investment programme.

·         Delivering public realm improvements to Lambeth’s public spaces, including the council’s community-led ‘Our Streets’ programme.

·         Delivering local transport schemes, overseeing the implementation of Lambeth’s long term transport strategy and lobbying for improvements to Lambeth’s rail network.

·         Utilities and contractor relations.

·         Championing affordable energy, including local schemes.

Post is held by