Executive post

Deputy Leader of the Council (Jobs, Skills and Performance)


This councillor is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Administration’s manifesto commitments, core council strategies, including the Borough Plan and monitoring performance. They will also be responsible for the council’s ambitious agenda to increase jobs, skills and apprenticeships for Lambeth residents.


Responsible for:


·         The Programme of the Council: implementation of business plans and delivery of the Administration’s manifesto commitments.

·         Performance management across the council.

·         Developing & delivering our apprenticeship programme in order to achieve our target of creating 1,500 apprenticeship opportunities over the next four years.

·         Delivery of a dedicated apprenticeships advice service and online brokerage to make it easier and simpler for young people to access opportunities.

·         Employment opportunities for vulnerable adults and people with disabilities.

·         Adult learning, training and skills.

·         Post-16 education, training and skills for employment in schools, colleges and other settings.

·         Directing the council’s employment programmes to provide increased opportunities for the long-term unemployed and those with complex needs.

·         Overseeing Lambeth Working and Pathways to Employment to ensure that our jobs strategy helps those in need.

·         Workforce matters including Human Resources, Trade Union relations and developing a BAME leadership programme for council staff.

Post is held by