Executive post

Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture


This councillor is responsible for the strategic approach to Lambeth’s rich and diverse cultural and tourism sectors. They will also work with community groups to support the thriving arts and cultural communities. This councillor is also responsible for Lambeth’s library services and for maintaining our fantastic parks and open spaces.


Lambeth is an open and welcoming borough where people care about one another and we celebrate our diversity. This councillor is responsible for working with partners across the borough to make Lambeth more equal, including embedding equalities into all parts of the council’s work and delivering the work of the Equalities Commission and overseeing Equalities Impact Assessments.


Responsible for:


·         Libraries, including delivering the opening of the new West Norwood Library.

·         Overseeing the development of a new modern archives service for the borough.

·         The borough’s parks, local food production and community composting schemes.

·         Registrars, cemeteries and crematorium services.

·         Working with organisations in the borough’s thriving arts and cultural communities including the Black Cultural Archives.

·         Delivering the Events Strategy.

·         Overseeing Sports and Leisure.

·         Delivering the work of the Equalities Commission and overseeing Equalities Impact Assessments (EIA).

·         Celebrating our borough’s diversity, for example leading on the delivering the celebrations of the Windrush 70.

·         Chair of the Equalities Impact Assessment Panel.

Post is held by