Executive post

Cabinet Member for Housing


The Cabinet Member for Housing is responsible for housing management services, including working with tenants and leaseholders, tackling homelessness and delivering decent homes for all tenants. They are also responsible for delivering the Council’s commitments to improving the quality and security of the private rented sector.


Responsible for:

·           Housing management services and fire safety.

·           Managing the capital investment (LHS) programme to ensure delivery of decent homes for all housing tenants.

·           The Council's enforcement functions including Trading Standards, Licensing and Noise Nuisance.

·           Overseeing the management of the Housing Revenue Account.

·           Overseeing Lambeth’s homelessness, rough sleeping and temporary accommodation services.

·           Tackling homelessness and rough sleeping by overseeing the building of pop-up housing to quickly house homeless families and overseeing investment in better advice and support for people facing homelessness.

·           Improving the advice and support available to people living in the private rented sector.

·           Introducing a new private renters’ charter setting out renters’ rights and Lambeth’s powers to intervene.

·           Overseeing tenant engagement and rent setting.

·           Ensuring a high standard of leaseholder engagement to improve the transparency and performance of the major works programme.

·           Overseeing the delivery of new resident boards and estate action plans to give tenants opportunities to scrutinize performance of contractors and the housing service.

·           Registered Social Landlords and House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) licensing.

·           The Council’s older people’s housing schemes, sheltered housing and extra care housing across the borough.


Post is held by