Executive post

Leader of the Council


Cllr Hopkins is responsible for setting the overall political and strategic direction for the council; acts as the lead spokesperson and manages external relations including with Government, the Greater London Assembly and local and regional bodies; as well as managing the council’s relations with key stakeholders, partners and investors and holding the council’s Chief Executive to account. 


The Leader oversees communications and public awareness campaigns. He is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Administration’s manifesto commitments and core council strategies, including the Borough Plan. 


He is also responsible for maximising youth opportunities, working with partners and the community to make sure that Lambeth's young people have the best opportunities to succeed in life. This includes the Lambeth Opportunity Fund to harness the opportunities that Lambeth has to benefit the young people who live and grow up here. He is also responsible for the council’s ambitious neighbourhood working to shift the Council and our partners culturally and structurally toward a closer working relationship with each other and the public at the neighbourhood level. 

Post is held by