Executive post

Cabinet Member for the Voluntary Sector and Partnerships (job-share)


The Cabinet Member for the Voluntary Sector and Partnerships (job-share) is responsible for leading on the borough’s strategic partnerships, working with key partners in Lambeth to deliver on the outcomes in our Borough Plan.  They are responsible for working with the voluntary sector, community hubs and forums to deliver the borough’s voluntary sector strategy and for our work with the voluntary sector to ensure our most vulnerable residents are protected and supported through significant national changes to the welfare system.


Responsible for:

·           Lambeth’s voluntary sector strategy, support for the voluntary sector and community sector property strategy.

·           Support for community groups, including the Lambeth Forum Network.

·           Implementing the Council’s flagship financial resilience strategy.

·           Overseeing the borough’s strategic partnerships including the Lambeth First Executive (LSP), the Health and Wellbeing Board.

·           Supporting the borough’s small businesses and Business Improvement Districts

·           Developing a sponsorship and fundraising strategy to support the delivery of the borough plan.

·           Democratic Services: including electoral registration and legal services.

Post is held by