Paper petition details

Fern Lodge Residents

We the undersigned residents of Fern Lodge Estate petition the Council to honour its agreement made in a report dated 30th April 2004.

£336,250 was allocated to Fern Lodge Estate to spend on environmental improvements to mitigate the loss of garage land sold to Ujima.

We have been waiting far too many years to receive funds due to us. It is time this money was used to make improvements designed in accordance with the wishes of the residents.

This Paper petition was received on 14/02/2019.

68 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

Dear Madam,

Whilst I understand that you have been involved in ongoing discussions with Gary Dickson, project manager and the attached newsletter regarding environmental works , I do realise that we have not formally responded to the petition submitted last year .

Thankyou for your involvement and I refer in particular to the following with the general update on the progress of plans for environmental works drawn out in the December newsletter to residents ;

1. Fern Lodge doomsday post meeting report: Meeting minutes from joint meeting with TRA 30th October and resulting proposed scheme.
2. Fern Lodge Parking –Rev b-061118: marked up drawing from joint site meeting with TRA chair on site.
3. Fern Lodge DRG-NR-141118: Speed hump specification.
4. Grass Grid System-SK02: environmental grass guard parking system
5. Brick Retaining wall –DRG: brick wall specification
6. Fern Lodge Estate One Way Plan: proposed One Way estate road plan.
7. Project /Communications plan for implementation of works

Gary will liaise with the TRA and agree an updated newsletter setting out key stages in the attached project plan.

I have responded to you, as the TRA Chair. Please let me know if you would like us to summarise the information above for all petitioners, or as to whether attendance at a TRA meeting/updated newsletter would reassure petitioners that works are proceeding


Director of Housing