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Wellfield Road

Wellfield Road is a friendly, community-orientated street in a conservation area but suffers from constant fly-tipping which is an eye-sore and health hazard; broken glass and other rubbish in the road damages residents' car tyres; cracked and uneven pavements are dangerous, especially for the elderly.

Residents demand an undertaking from Lambeth Council that measures be taken to prevent fly-tipping (possibly CCTV cameras and/or signs threatening fines); the road and pavements be swept once a fortnight as per previous years instead of once every eight weeks which is happening at the moment; and the pavements be repaired or replaced (which has happened in neighbouring streets and is something that is urgently needed).

On reaching 1500 signatures The relevant officer will be called to an Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting

This Paper petition was received on 11/02/2019.

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Council response

Dear Amanda,

Re: Petition regarding Council street care, fly tipping, street and road sweeping condition of pavements in Wellfield Road.

I am in receipt of your petition regarding the quality of the public realm in Wellfield Road.

The council takes very seriously the growing problems of fly tipping across the borough. Our contractor is tasked with clearing all fly-tipped waste at least twice per week as part of its regular waste collection and cleansing schedules.

We introduced three dedicated Environmental Enforcement Officers charged with investigating fly tips across the borough in October 2017. Whenever sufficient and appropriate evidence is found we are issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to the perpetrators. Since the team commenced, the council has issued over 360 Fixed Penalty Notices for fly tipping alone.

The Enforcement Officers are also part of a larger team including our waste and cleansing contractors tasked with identifying priority hotspots for fly tipping where a range of measures are introduced. This includes the use of three re-deployable (mobile) CCTV cameras when appropriate, temporary ‘No Fly tipping’ A boards and plastic lamppost signs to advise of the possible consequences if caught fly tipping. This is supported by a range of education and engagement activities, including Freshview events that can help design out opportunities for fly tipping.

Wellfield Road will be added to our priority list of hot spots and the signage you request will be provided. In addition we will examine the opportunity for locating a mobile CCTV camera at this location focusing on the area between No’s 95 and 109 as requested.

With respect to street cleaning the council has recently invested in additional mechanical cleansing equipment that will enable us to increase the frequency of cleansing activities across the borough.
Litter picking will continue to take place at least on the day of refuse collection, but a fortnightly sweep will also be carried out by a small mechanical broom. The frequency of the full deep sweep will also increase to every six weeks rather than the previous 8 weeks.

We have sought to reduce the environmental impact of additional mechanical equipment by being one of the first boroughs in London to adopt electric small mechanical brooms.

To decide which footways and carriageways we need to resurface we employed a company that specialises in technical surveys of highway condition.

They have provided condition data of every section of road in the borough and we are in the process of analysing the defects they found in terms of seriousness and frequency.

We weight condition scores to give slightly greater priority to footways that lead to a main road or have destinations such as schools, parks and places of worship along them.

The outcome of this analysis will decide the relative priority of resurfacing those footways and carriageways that we have identified as being in need of repair. We will publish in spring 2018 the list of the roads that we will be repairing.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Claire Holland
Cabinet Member for Environment and Clean Air