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Quietway 7 cycle route proposal

We the undersigned petition the Council to Make Dalmore Road, Eastmearn Road, Lancaster Avenue, Carson Road, Tulsemere Road, Hexam Road, Ardlui Road, Rosendale and Towton Road safe for all We the undersigned petition the Council to consult fully through an open meeting and not to proceed with the Quietway 7 route without taking steps to address the issues raised in particular how to reduce traffic speed and volume on adjacent roads. These steps should be in addition to the impending 20mph borough wide speed limit, which we believe will be ineffective on its own.

This petition deals with the impact on local roads including Dalmore Road of the proposed Quietway 7 route - a Mayoral initiative. Quietway 7 is the section of a proposed cycle route from Crystal Palace to Elephant and Castle. This section specifically runs along Rosendale Road. Full plans of the route can be found on website.

Started by: Dawn Barfoot (Dalmore Road Safety Group)

This Petition ran from 27/02/2016 to 27/04/2016 and has now finished.

229 people signed this Petition.


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