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Improve the West footway of Meadow Road

We the undersigned petition the Council to Improve the west footway of Meadow Road.

Despite the Conservative government's cuts to the council's budget, Lambeth Labour has ensured that millions of pounds have been spent filling potholes and resurfacing roads/pavements across our borough.

In Oval ward, this has led to the east footway of Meadow Road being improved with the pavement being repaved.

We have received feedback from residents that they would like to see the west footway of Meadow Road improved. As a result, we are launching a petition asking Lambeth Council to consider including the west footway of Meadow Road in the Highways Improvement Programme 2022/23.

Started by: Rajneesh Toolsie

This Petition ran from 13/07/2022 to 07/09/2022 and has now finished.

11 people signed this Petition.

Council response

Many thanks for passing on to us the petition from Councillors Diogo Costa, Claire Holland and Issa Issa which was received on 13 July 2022, and which relates to the request to renew the western footway to Meadow Road.

As the councillors will be aware, we apply a risk-based approach for our Highways Improvement Programme (HIP), using a series of criteria to prioritise areas of carriageway and footway. These include condition, scheme size, highway classification, amenities, reactive maintenance history and sustainable travel. We commission a detailed survey of carriageways and footways every two years, and these surveys provide us with a priority list that takes into account all of these key criteria. The HIP webpage explains in a bit more detail how schemes are selected -

Sometimes we make changes to the proposed extent and scope of schemes, based on engineering judgement resulting from further analysis of the survey data and/or from site inspections.

In the case of the footways on Meadow Road, the footways on both sides of the road were shown as high priorities for renewal in the last footway survey undertaken (in 2021). However, the east side footway was deemed to be slightly higher priority based on our agreed set of criteria. Owing to programme logistics, we found it to be most practical only to include the east side footways in the 2021-2 HIP programme.

An engineering decision was taken at the same time that the west side footway for Meadow Road (down as far as the junction with Fentiman Road) should be included in the priority list for 2022-3. It remains our intention to carry out footway resurfacing work to this footway within 2022-23, but note this remains subject to a final review of the overall programme scope and costs for this year; some further site walkovers to allow an engineering appraisal of shortlisted sites; and a final sign-off by senior officers and cabinet members.

I do hope the above is of assistance.


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