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Pave Dumbarton road

We the undersigned petition the Council to Install modern level pavement on both sides of Dumbarton road which has been left in a terrible state of disrepair!

Dumbarton Road`s pavement has been left unrepaired for far far too long and has fallen into a state of disrepair that has become hazardous to both able and disabled people as well as pram users and small children!
My wheelchair bound mother can no longer make it down our road as the pavement has become so uneven and in places pot holed!
The above applies to both mums manual wheelchair in which it is imposible to traverse Dumbarton road and the electric wheel chair which is shaken so violently by the poor condition of the pavement that mum feels sick and shaken by the end of the road!
I have been told that pram users are facing similar challenges and I have often tripped or actively had to side step cracks and holes!
This is not acceptable and I feel can no longer simply be overlooked by Lambeth Council.

Started by: David Watts

This Petition ran from 10/08/2022 to 21/09/2022 and has now finished.

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