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Tackle anti-social behaviour on Oaklands Estate

tackle anti-social and other criminal behaviour on our estate.

We ask the Council to work with local partners, including the police, to explore the implementation of available options, including but not limited to the installation of CCTV and security doors.

This Paper petition ran from 24/11/2021 to 16/12/2021 and has now finished.

47 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

Thank you for writing to us to help tackle the issues of anti-social behaviour at Oaklands Estate. I can confirm the Housing Service is aware of these issues and is working closely with our Tenancy Enforcement Team and the police to address the concerns raised.

On 16 and 17 October in the early hours police undertook an operation to apprehend a number of perpetrators. Whilst we are aware a number of individuals were arrested, we are awaiting further details of these arrests so that we can take action, where appropriate, against the tenancies of Lambeth Housing tenants.

On a general note, in order for our Tenancy Enforcement Team to take action, it is vital they gain information on perpetrators of anti-social behaviour. To this end we have sent out a block letter on 16 September 2021 and have put up posters in notice boards and raised the issue in an estate newsletter to encourage residents to come forward. To date we have not received any response so would reiterate the importance of residents coming forward with any information to enable us to take action against such individuals. If any resident has information which can assist us in identifying the perpetrator(s) of this activity they should contact us at Lambeth Housing Services on 020 7926 6000. For emergency police assistance please call 999 and for non-emergency Police assistance dial 101. Alternately contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111. Any such information passed to the Council will be treated in strict confidence unless express permission is given to the contrary.

With regard to CCTV and door entry systems (i) the Estate Services Team is currently looking to see if the installation of redeployable CCTV is viable and will be able to provide an update on this shortly and (ii) our Electrical Engineers recently attended both Cubitt and Eastman Houses and have advised that the installation of a door entry system may not be possible due to the shape and structure of the building - we are revisiting this to see if there is any possibility of improving the security at these blocks.