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Buses to Tulse Hill and West Norwood

We the undersigned petition the Council to insist that TfL re-establish the bus stops (2, 432, 415 and N2) at or close to the original site at the junction of Brixton Road and Coldharbour Lane. These were moved under the emergency COVID legislation in 2020 to Effra Road which is at least several hundred metres from Brixton Town centre. The current Effra Road bus stops are located on a narrow pavement and causes blockages for pedestrians.

We call on Lambeth Council to remind TfL that these were meant to be temporary emergency measures only, and of their responsibility to ensure the people of Tulse Hill and West Norwood have accessible public transport. Lambeth Council must demand that a timeframe is set out by TfL for the return of the bus stops to central Brixton.

The reasons are as follows;

- Disabled residents are unable to get from Brixton tube to the current bus stops;
- Visitors have complained that they are unable to find the current bus stop;
- People expect to get home from the Brixton town centre more easily, safely and quickly; the current distance is too much especially for the elderly, disabled and people carrying shopping / bags, children’s buggies etc.;
- The Coldharbour road crossing to get to current bus stop is extremely hazardous;
- The Effra Road pavement is narrow, frequently becomes congested and does not allow for disabled and elderly persons to stop and rest;
- The only alternative bus stop is beyond Brixton police station and is too far for many residents to walk, and those with mobility issues cannot easily change buses there.

Started by: Helen Atkinson

This Petition ran from 15/11/2021 to 30/01/2022 and has now finished.

1131 people signed this Petition.

Council response

Dear Helen Atkinson,

Thank you for your petition.

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Transport for London widened the pavement on Brixton Road to protect public health by allowing more space for passengers to board and alight buses safely. As a result, Tulse Hill bus routes were diverted to stops away from the town centre. This was a temporary measure which, at the time, the Council supported on public safety grounds. Since that time and once the immediate public health crisis had passed, the Council has consistently advocated for the reversal of this change at the earliest opportunity. Tulse Hill ward councillors have raised this issue with Lambeth's London Assembly member and with TfL and both we, as cabinet members responsible for transport in Lambeth, have also done so with TfL.

We are aware of the many concerns expressed by local people and bus passengers affected by the current situation which has been exacerbated by essential anti-terrorist works taking place at Windrush Square. Following the representations by Tulse Hill ward councillors, ourselves and council officers, TfL have now agreed that the Tulse Hill bound routes will be returned to the Brixton Road. This will be in the near future, although TfL are yet to confirm an exact timescale. The Council continues to press for this to happen as soon as possible using all available channels. In addition to moving the routes back, the Council has requested that the widened pavement at Brixton Road is retained as this provides a significant benefit to pedestrians at a very crowded location.

I hope that helps clarify our position on this issue. Thank you once again for your petition.

Best wishes,

Cllr Danny Adilypour and Cllr Mahamed Hashi
Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport, Environment & Clean Air (Job-share)


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