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Extending CPZ into Dalkeith Road

We, the undersigned, the residents of Dalkeith Road, do hereby petition Lambeth Council to extend CPZ ‘H’ into Dalkeith Road, as soon as possible. Our reasons are as follows: 1. There are so many cars parking regularly on Dalkeith Road, that residents are unable to find a parking space, either near their houses/flat, or even, sometimes, on the road at all. This is inconvenient to all but particularly affects those who are coping with children and equipment or those who cannot carry heavy loads. 2. The proposed extension of CPZ ‘H’ on Croxted Road and the proposed changes of Rosendale Road will make parking matters worse as Dalkeith Road will be the only unregulated street in the area. 3. Commuters who are not local residents regularly use the Dalkeith Road as a car park between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. 4. As Dalkeith Road is unregulated, cars are left by owners sometimes for many months at a time. Also, cars are regularly dumped or abandoned on Dalkeith Road and it is extremely di

6. We would also like you to take note of the following additional requests/queries:

6.1. If the application is successful and Lambeth Council decides to follow the pattern set elsewhere in the area of ‘No Parking between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.’, we would request that this period be ‘Residents Parking Only’ between those times, rather than Pay by Phone, as the latter can be accessed by commuters who avail of on street parking on Dalkeith Road.

6.2. If the application is successful, we would also like to request that an electrical charging point be made available somewhere on the street, in the interests of improving the environment and the quality of the air in the area and in view of the ULEZ extension next year.

6.3. Representations have several times been made to remove the Disabled Parking Bay outside no.1 Dalkeith Road in order to make more parking available but that has not been done, despite the fact that it has not been in use for a long period.

6.4. Dumped or abandoned cars are left on the road for very long periods despite requests to the Council to remove them. There is currently a cab which has been abandoned on Dalkeith Road since January 2020 despite two requests that it be removed.

6.5. We would like to know when the footpaths of the road will be properly paved as they have been in the roads parallel: Hawarden Grove, Guernsey Grove and Turney Road.

This Paper petition ran from 27/07/2020 to 21/09/2021 and has now finished.

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Council response

Dear Susan and Emily

I write in response to your recent email petitioning the Council to consider the extension of Lambeth Controlled Parking Zone H into Dalkeith Road. For your information the petition reference is P.20.21.014.

Residents’ concerns in connection with the worsening of the current parking situation in Dalkeith Road and adjacent streets were submitted as representations received during the statutory consultation on the extension of the Tulse Hill Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) into the stretch of Croxted Road south of the railway bridge to its junction with Turney Road.

These representations were considered in detail in the Decision report which approved the implementation of the CPZ extension as advertised in October 2019. A copy of this report is attached. As a result of the impact of Covid-19 the works to install this CPZ extension were paused but have, in light of the easing of lockdown, recently been restarted.

In a joint response your local Thurlow Park ward councillors indicated that they would support any future proposal to consult residents in Dalkeith, Lovelace, Turney and Rosendale Roads on whether they wanted a CPZ to be considered for their street.

Whilst our CPZ implementation programme is focused on delivering the ‘rolling front’ of CPZ implementation in the Streatham area at the moment and, we do not yet have plans for any further extensions of the Tulse Hill CPZ, we are keen to implement CPZs across the borough.

Thank you for this petition and I assure you we will take this petition into account when considering the future roll out of our CPZ programme.

In response to points 6.2 – 6.5 of the petition I would like to add the following:

• Item 6.2 - the Sustainable Travel and Monitoring Officer has advised that a charging point is proposed for installation in Dalkeith Road (you may have already received notification of this)
• Item 6.3 - the Council is aware that there are a number of ‘redundant’ disabled parking bays across the borough whose removal would to provide additional parking in streets suffering from
parking stress. The officer who used to deal with the installation/removal of disabled bays recently left the Council and due to Covid-19 resources had been directed elsewhere. As a
result I have not been able to ascertain the status of the bay outside No. 1 Dalkeith Road but will ensure that it is brought to the attention of the relevant officer or Council Team
• Item 6.4 - I have been in contact with colleagues within Parking and asked for this to be investigated
• Item 6.5 - the Project Manager & Principal Engineer of the Highways Improvements Programme (HIP) has advised that there are no highway works planned for Dalkeith Road in 2020-21. HIP
works are prioritised based on a streets conditional survey score. Schemes currently being taken forward typically have a final score of between 350-800. Dalkeith Road’s most
recent survey score was 65.2.