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Immediate overdue actions to be taken to ameliorate traffic conditions’ on Groveway, SW9

A. Immediately take the following measures to reduce the volume of traffic in Groveway, which has increased to the point where the safety of drivers and pedestrians is under threat. 1 - Place 20 mph signs at both entrances to Groveway and place 20mph road markings there also. 2 - Install 2 SID devices in the street. 3 - Place camera notifications at both entrances to Groveway. 4 - Advise the lead petitioner whether a small traffic island/bollard could be incorporated into the layout of the junction with Stockwell Park Road to reduce the excessive speed being used there by many drivers. B. Engage with TFL to discuss and agree: 5 - Re-design of the build-outs at the Brixton Road junction with Groveway and the location of the first Groveway parking bays, to make exit and entrance to the street there less hazardous. C. Arrange for any recently acquired data on traffic in the local streets stated below to be made available to the lead petitioner, for distribution to local


On reaching 1500 signatures The relevant officer will be called to an Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting

This Paper petition ran from 25/06/2021 to 14/07/2021 and has now finished.

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Council response

Thank you for contacting us regarding concerns about traffic on your street. We carry out regular monitoring of traffic levels in the borough, both as part of scheme evaluation and in response to reported issues. We have recently carried out traffic surveys in your area and are currently processing the results which we will share with your ward councillors in due course.

The borough has a 20mph limit on all roads that we manage, including your street. Where recorded speeds are shown to be higher than expected we have a rolling programme to improve traffic calming, installing new features such as humps. We receive a large number of requests for these and are not able to act on all of them. I note, however, that you are not requesting physical traffic calming measures, but rather signage, Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) and ‘camera notifications’.

20mph signage is missing from the junction of Groveway with Brixton Road and I will ask for this to be added as part of our 20mph programme. In our experience SIDs are not likely to be very effective in reducing speeds. These also come with ongoing maintenance costs for which funding is not currently available. Unfortunately, camera signs cannot be used at this location as there is no speed camera in operation. There are strict requirements that govern the installation and operation of speed cameras and this location will not meet those requirements. Regarding changes at the junction of Brixton Road and Groveway, I will ask our road safety engineer to visit the site and review the layout, although we will need to be mindful that access will still be required for larger vehicles e.g., refuse trucks. We will also review the junction with Stockwell Park Road.

Local authorities have no legal powers to enforce against speeding. All enforcement around speeding is carried out by the police and incidents can be reported with the Met online:

As with all correspondence we receive, we have logged your concerns so that future traffic surveys can take account of this location and we can consider any necessary measures for inclusion in our Road Danger Reduction programme.