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Zebra crossing across Tulse Hill between Hillworth Road and Cressingham estate

We the undersigned petition the Council to Put in a zebra crossing on Tulse Hill between Cressingham Estate and Hillworth Road It is a busy fast section of Tulse Hill (even though the speed limit is 20mph). We often have to wait several minutes to cross. Many young children and families cross at this point to get to and from Brockwell Park. A zebra crossing here would make it safer and would also slow the traffic at a point where they start to speed down the hill.

Since the LTN has been put in place traffic has become significantly heavier and the infrastructure to support the LTN has not been put in place. This needs urgent attention. Post lockdown the traffic has been even heavier.

Started by: Devon Douglas

This Petition runs from 17/06/2021 to 29/07/2021.

64 people have signed this Petition.


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