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Resurface Stockwell Skatepark

We the undersigned petition the Council to Resurface Stockwell Skatepark, to a high standard by a specialist contractor

Friends of Stockwell Skatepark have been campaigning for a resurface since 2016, and have already secured £100,000 from Network homes. We were assured that the rest of the budget needed was earmarked for the skatepark. However the process is not moving and no date is currently set for the work that has been agreed. With Stockwell skatepark such a well used and loved facility, and skateboarding now an Olympic sport, we call on Lambeth Parks department to keep to their word and complete the resurface the park needs, to a high standard.

Started by: James Thompson (Friends of Stockwell Skatepark)

This Petition ran from 03/06/2021 to 03/08/2021 and has now finished.

229 people signed this Petition.

Council response

I acknowledge receipt of your petition regarding improvements to Stockwell Skate Park and we acknowledge the fact that the skatepark is a well-loved local facility. This is a long-running capital project which has been delayed due to the successful contractor withdrawing from the process. The price submitted by the only alternative contractor our capital team were able to secure was much higher than the secured budget. The funding balance has been allocated from within the new parks capital budget and a decision report to release the funding is currently working through the internal approval process. As soon as the report is approved we will be able to commence with the works to refurbish the entire site. The Friends will be kept up to date by our capital works team.


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