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Fix Leigham Vale Traffic

We the undersigned petition the Council to fix the traffic mayhem on Leigham Vale in a timely manner, fully consulting the local community on holistic solutions that consider all the complex aspects involved.

Leigham Vale traffic problems have increased dramatically recently, both with the introduction of the LTNs and the increase in traffic due to COVID and the lifting of restrictions.  This has serious health and wellbeing implications for the local community, including the pupils and staff at Hitherfield School which is situated on Leigham Vale.

Problems include:

Gridlock from the railway bridge to the junction with Knolly's Road:
- Increased pollution right next to the school from many idling cars and the overall increased traffic,
- Vehicles at a standstill,
- Damage to parked vehicles,
- Intense horn sounds, swearing and angry shouting from frustrated drivers,
- All witnessed by primary school children.

Also speeding on the other side of the railway bridge up to Norwood Road, making it unsafe for locals and especially for the hundreds of children who are travelling to Hitherfield School along Leigham Vale.

Started by: Emma Sundt

This Petition runs from 29/05/2021 to 30/06/2021.

257 people have signed this Petition.


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