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Dedicated Rollerskating space on Clapham Common

We the undersigned petition the Council to Create a dedicated space on Clapham Common for rollerskating and rollerblading that is safely off the main pedestrian routes, and away from ball games. A suggestion for this space is the square gravel area off The Avenue.

With the recently popularity growth of rollerskating (as much as 500-800%), we are in need of a safe place to skate.

During lockdown the basketball court has been a busy skating hotspot, but with the recent reopening for basketball and netball, this doesn't leave enough space for skaters. The community has grown so much since lockdown and it has become crowded.

Skating allows people of all ages and walks of life to exercise in a fun way, learn new skills they never thought possible, socialise in a vibrant, welcoming and diverse community, is excellent for mental health.

A suggested space for a skating area would be the large square gravel area off The Avenue. To make it suitable for rollerskating, it could be covered in smooth concrete or tarmac, perhaps with a low fence around it for safety (much like the children's areas) and some benches for people to put their skates on.

There are already dedicated spaces on the common for ramp skating, basketball / netball, football, outdoor gym equipment, fishing, tennis, model boat club, children's playgrounds, running and many other activities. Why not have a dedicated space for rollerskating?

Started by: Mea Carter

This Petition runs from 03/04/2021 to 30/09/2021.

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