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Enclosed dog area on Clapham Common with secure gates

We the undersigned petition the Council to Provide an enclosed dog area where young dogs or older dogs with bad recall can run free without the fear of them running into fast-flowing traffic.

As a regular user and a more, recent dog owner, using the common is a godsend during lockdown particular for exercise, now to exercise with our dog. However, like lots of dogs, the art of recalling a dog away from danger is not 100% guaranteed. Therefore it is a good option to have a space where dogs can run free to use up their energy, meet other dogs and snuffle around without fear.

Currently, on the common we have 2 x enclosed kids area, football/extreme frisbee pitches, skateboard park, basketball park, Aussie rules football etc. It would be a fantastic addition to have a space where dogs could roam free. Not to say that all dogs have to be on a lead outside of these areas, but as said previously for dogs whose recall is a work in progress a safe space would be really helpful.

On the common currently, there is unused space with railings at the back of the cricket nets leading to one of the enclosed kids areas, which goes around to the bowls entrance. Two lots of rails to cut off the cricket nets all the the way around the back to the bowling green area - is underused currently and would not cost too much to implement.

Another option, could be to use the central rubbish area, behind the bandstand beds that is also enclosed by rails.

Or lastly create a bespoke area.

Started by: sally wallworkwalker

This Petition runs from 09/02/2021 to 23/09/2021.

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