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Refurbishment Playground West Side Clapham Common

We the undersigned petition the Council to We, the undersigned residents of the Clapham Common area, petition for the Lambeth Council to refurbish the playground at Clapham Common West Side. This is a very popular, well used area and has lots of space but desperately needs redevelopment and refurbishing. The playground equipment is old, outdated or broken and floor protection has been removed in some areas, with lots of muddy surfaces and uneven floor. All the above have been causing hazards to the kids and toddlers that use the park.

Here are some items noticed by the parents:

* Equipment is old and outdated.

* Some equipment floor protection has been removed and therefore ground is notoriously muddy.

* A broken swing

* Broken Seesaw - kids keep falling off it.

* Muddy covered areas (causing slipping hasards) - Due to bad irrigation and water mud collecting in same place.

* Varying uneven surface areas (causing tripping hazards).
- When there is a surface change, these are not at the same level and kids fall over. These changes occur when going from soft to concreted areas.
- There are pieces of wood sticking out from the ground (may be from old benches or installations).

Here are some areas for improvements:

* Re-instate the sandpit - This was removed and replaced by a circuit for bikes and scooters (when there is a sign at the entrance with "No cycles, skates, scooters or skateboards”). Some kids are being knocked over by children going round the circuit on their bikes.

* Area around Mushrooms had protection mats - These have been removed and now there is only mud. My suggestion is to maybe put artificial grass with soft padding underneath.

* Fix the uneven surfaces - At times there are three different kind of surfaces that meet and it is all uneven.

* Consider having new playground equipment installed.

* More plants & trees needed around the fence.

* Redo the path leading to the playground as it is riddle with holes for toddlers to trip on.

* Add more bins.

Started by: sami Korban

This Petition runs from 20/01/2021 to 01/04/2021.

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