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Stop the Fly-tipping on Tivoli Road

We the undersigned petition the Council to We would like the council to put in place measures to stop fly-tipping in the area in front of the bin shed on Tivoli Road (serving 106-112 Ladas Road). These measures will also aid the issue of the hazardous household waste that spills onto Tivoli Road which risks local residents' health and safety. The measures would ideally include a key-code fence around the area, a sign to make people aware of the illegality of fly-tipping and a camera to identify offenders. These will afford local residents a safer, cleaner environment in which to live.

The fly-tipping on Tivoli Road (technically the area in front of the bin shed for no.’s 106-112 Ladas Road) has reached untenable levels over the past five years.

The dumping of hazardous household waste is a serious public health issue for those who live and work on Tivoli Road. There is currently no separation between the pavement and the bin area that serves 106-112 Ladas Rd, and people therefore use the area as a convenient and accessible dumping ground for any form of household waste e.g. mattresses, sofas, white goods, garden and other household waste. This is inevitably attracting rats and foxes who spread the waste onto Tivoli Road thereby increasing the risk to the public.

In addition, the council's weekly clearance of waste is costing all of us money and wasting council funds that are already scarce.

The residents of Tivoli Road should not have to live in this squalor and we would like to submit this petition - after so many years of council inaction - to help solve this problem.

Started by: Victoria Keenan

This Petition runs from 03/01/2021 to 14/02/2021.

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