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Keep Lambourn Road SW4 two-way

We the undersigned petition the Council to To resist one-way traffic arrangements for Lambourn Road SW4 being petitioned for by some of its residents.

We the undersigned are residents of Lillieshall Road SW4 and nearby roads and we petition the council to reject the request made in a separate petition headed "Make Lambourn Road SW4 0LY One Way."
We make our request for numerous reasons.
Firstly, our concern is the proposal risks simply displacing traffic, with a large portion of it then travelling along Lillieshall Road, which can make the same claims to concern/inconvenience as are said to apply to Lambourn Road. Indeed, Lillieshall Road is considerably narrower than Lambourn Road and therefore ill-suited to absorb extra traffic from that street.
Secondly: the Lambourn Road proposal risks a negative impact on the wider neighbourhood, because its knock-on effects would include increased congestion and pollution at the Wandsworth Road/North Street crossroads, as vehicles and delivery drivers would be unable to move from Wandsworth Road to Orlando and Macaulay Roads via Lambourn Road. They would instead drive to the Wandsworth Road / North Street crossroads, then turn right up North Street and right again down Lillieshall Road, in order to reach their destination.
Thirdly: residents of Orlando and Macaulay Road would also find themselves inconvenienced and adding to traffic fumes as they queued at the Wandsworth Road/North Street junction in order to get home via the North Street/Lillieshall Road route rather than the more direct one up Lambourn Road.
Overall, the Lambourn Road one-way proposal means residents on numerous streets including Wandsworth Road, North Street, Lillieshall Road, Orlando Road and Macaulay Road would suffer disproportionately for questionable gain to Lambourn Road residents. We urge the council to register the fact that some Lambourn Road residents oppose their neighbours’ one-way suggestion and have posted their position publicly on the NextDoor community app.
On balance, our fear is that the negative impact on this neighbourhood in general will outweigh any increased amenity for Lambourn Road residents, hence our request to leave that road two-way.

Started by: Michael Prescott

This Petition runs from 01/10/2020 to 14/11/2021.

49 people have signed this Petition.


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