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Immediate Removal and Cessation of Lambeth’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Schemes

We the undersigned petition the Council to Immediately reverse the road closures made as part of the roll-out of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods across Lambeth that have been implemented without prior resident consultation or adequate notification. The road closures have been instigated under 'Emergency Covid-19 Regulations' but in many areas deliver no benefit in terms of social distancing or providing a more conducive environment for walking and cycling. They therefore fail to achieve the objectives set out by the government and represent a clear misappropriation of public funds

We demand Lambeth commits to the following before implementation of any future traffic reduction schemes:

1. A full public consultation in each area including provision of modelling data and metrics to show they have addressed potential pitfalls, including unwanted traffic displacement and full details of how the effects of any changes will be evaluated with a detailed timescale.

2. Traffic is not to be displaced from one set of residential streets to others, resulting in an increase in vehicle pollutants through idling in added congestion.

3. A full and thorough Equality Impact Assessment for each area takes place which includes surrounding roads before any changes are implemented.

4. Road changes should not unfairly disadvantage anyone living in the area, (particularly groups protected by the Equality Act 2010) either now or at any time in the future.

5. Road closures and modal filters must not divide communities; or adversely affect incomes of local businesses on which many residents (including the most vulnerable) depend, so they become unprofitable and risk closure.

6. Emergency services should be fully consulted and their concerns addressed to ensure they do not experience any delays due to displaced traffic or poorly positioned barriers.

Started by: Kelly Shockley (OneLambeth)

This Petition ran from 16/09/2020 to 20/08/2021 and has now finished.

4426 people signed this Petition.

Council response

Dear Kelly Shockley

In May 2020 the Department for Transport issued statutory guidance with a direct bearing on local authority obligations in respect of the Network Management Duty (Traffic Management Act 2004). The guidance is clear and specific in its aims, and includes traffic reduction measures such as low traffic neighbourhoods. Lambeth has implemented the guidance faithfully with the introduction of 5 experimental LTNs. Due to the imperative to act quickly, the opportunity for extensive pre-engagement on these measures has been limited. LTNs do however, form a key part of Lambeth’s adopted Transport Strategy, the aims of which received widespread support during public consultation in 2019. Throughout the process we have engaged with the community and stakeholders and have received a significant volume of feedback which we will consider carefully.

The purpose of LTNs to tackle traffic issues with an area wide approach, rather than street by street, in order to avoiding moving the problem elsewhere. This is set out in our Low Traffic Neighbourhood Plan which forms part of the Transport Strategy.

Lambeth’s LTNs are supported by experimental traffic orders, providing the legal basis for the schemes and the opportunity for anyone to make formal representations, including objections to the schemes. In addition, we have committed to carrying out a full non-statutory public consultation on our LTNs and this process has now started.

We have set out the data indicators that will be used to assess the performance of our LTNs in our Monitoring Strategy, published in December 2020.

All of or our LTNs are supported by a full Equality Impact Assessment and these have been published. We have carried out specific engagement with protected groups to better understand their needs. As a result we have identified a number of measures that will assist certain groups and these include exemptions for disabled people who rely on motor vehicles.

We are committed to provide support for local businesses as necessary – for example we have provided additional outdoor space both within LTN areas and elsewhere. All businesses and properties are still accessible by motor vehicle.

Emergency services have been fully consulted as part of the statutory traffic order making process for our LTNs and we continue to seek feedback during the course of the trials. Lambeth’s LTNs have been specifically designed to allow access for essential traffic at all times.


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