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Include Palace Road into 'ZONE M' CPZ

We the undersigned petition the Council to Edward Hocken & residence of Palace Road to include Palace Road as part of the new 'Zone M' CPZ

The stretch of Palace Road between Christchurch Road and Hillside Road will soon solely be wedged between two parking controlled zones (Zone F & Zone M).

Frustratingly residents that didn't contribute to the to consultation process and will soon wake up to a daily battle ground for parking near their home. No representatives for Palace Road, either supporting or opposing took part during the consultation process sadly.

This petition is to request inclusion of Palace Road to be part of the new Zone M CPZ before it's too late!

Please help by simply joining this petition.

Started by: Edward Hocken

This Petition ran from 30/08/2020 to 11/12/2020 and has now finished.

14 people signed this Petition.


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