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Reallocation of Denby Court Residents

We the undersigned petition the Council to Give the current residents of Denby Court a permanent address once the new flats in Denby Court have been built.

We, the residents of Denby Court petition Lambeth Council to offer each resident permanent housing in the newly built flats.

Most of us have been living here 3 years, and by the time the demolition work starts we would have been living here for almost 5 years.

We have built great relationships with the community and will continue doing so. Our children are going to the local schools near by which we trust and are proud of. Some of us have family/friends living near by that give us a lot of support and vice versa.

The living conditions have been appalling, with rodent infestation in all of the flats. Visible condensation in many of the flats and in some there are no smoke alarms installed, yet we have put up with all of those circumstances.

All we ask for is to be treated fairly, and are happy to be moved to a close by temporary accommodation, until the construction work has finished.

We are all in agreement for the proposal to go ahead under the condition that the Lambeth Council guarantees each resident will be offered a permeant flat back at Denby Court.

Started by: Amarildo Brami

This Petition runs from 18/07/2020 to 31/12/2021.

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