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Brockwell park to Gipsy Hill healthy route

We the undersigned petition the Council to withdraw the proposed Healthy Route in its current form. As a community, we recognise the need for traffic calming and would support a scheme that creates a truly healthier environment - but it must work for everybody. Such initiatives must improve our daily lives, serve young families, the elderly, people with disabilities, and help ensure the survival of our valued local shops - which are an integral part of our community.

1. The flawed consultation processes. On Lovelace Road many residents had no consultation letter. Turney Road Special School was not consulted at all, and local businesses were ignored.
2. More pollution, not less: Reducing road width on a distributor road will make it harder for vehicles to pass one another. Increasing congestion and pollution.
3. More rat-running, removing left and right turns, south bound, onto the South Circular will increase rat running. Jeopardising road and pedestrian safety whilst pushing pollution into residential areas.
4. Health and safety: A two-directional cycleway on the east side of Rosendale Road, with a shared cycle and pedestrian pathway, creates a very real danger for cyclists, pedestrians, road users and residents trying to exit their driveways.
5. Negative impact on the local economy: Losing 57 parking spaces on Rosendale Road shopping parades will threaten the viability of these shops, the communities they serve and the vital role they play for our area.
6. The new proposal does not link up with any other Quietways or Cycleways. Plans to create Safer Cycling Route Quietway 7 from Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace no longer exist.
7. For the Healthy Route proposal to work, it must address the needs of the whole community, improve road safety, create a better environment and improve the health and wellbeing for the area and the wider community.

Started by: Katharine Spence

This Petition ran from 21/02/2020 to 29/02/2020 and has now finished.

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