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Pedestrian Crossing Water Lane - Sainsbury’s

We the undersigned petition the Council to Put a pedestrian crossing or a saver system for pedestrians to cross right outside from Sainsbury’s in Brixton Water Lane. It is a really busy road.

For years that crossing (now right outside of a big supermarket) has been really dangerous for pedestrians. It is a very busy intersection (with Effra road). There are many pedestrians crossing Brixton Water Lane from children studying at Jubilee or the Corpus Christi primary school to the general public coming or going to Sainsbury’s.
It is really difficult to cross because the flow of cars on the lane by the supermarket never really stop. The cars come from two sides at the time and the visibility to the right is limited. It is a really dangerous situation not only in the school runs but in shopping hours too.
It is extremely important to sort out that crossing to avoid future accidents.

Started by: Mar MorenoGonzalez

This Petition ran from 19/09/2019 to 30/04/2020 and has now finished.

60 people signed this Petition.


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