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Abercain Road Carriageway and Footway Repairs

We the undersigned petition the council to repair both the carriageway and footway along the length of Abercairn Road noting that this road is currently in a state of significant disrepair and presents a danger to those using it regularly as well as making a negative contribution to the local environment. We believe that improving the paving would make the street look more presentable and would thereby encourage residents to look after and take pride in their neighbourhood.

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On reaching 1500 signatures The relevant officer will be called to an Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting

This Paper petition ran from 17/07/2019 to 03/09/2019 and has now finished.

115 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

Dear Councillor Wilcox,

Thank you for getting in touch to request that your road is resurfaced.

The Highways Improvement Programme is a borough wide programme which runs annually from year to year to maintain all of the assets in the borough including footways and carriageways. There are over 2,200 footways and carriageways in the borough, and with our current funding restrictions after almost a decade of austerity from central government, the council is only able to resurface around 50 every year.

Therefore, each year the council need to assess which are most in need of being resurfaced. To gauge this, a Detailed Visual Inspection condition survey of all of the roads in Lambeth is carried out every 2 years to assess the network as a whole. This survey looks at aspects such as cracking (which affects the lifespan of the road) and defects which may cause trip and slips. The condition of every 20 metre section of footway and carriageway is assessed. This condition data provides strong evidence of which roads and footways would most benefit from resurfacing, both in terms of reducing future maintenance and providing maximum amenity to highway users. We repair defects that exceed our intervention criteria. Our surveyors measure the deterioration of each according to twenty criteria. Under national guidelines endorsed by the Department of Transport, defects such as potholes, misaligned kerbs and misshapen footways caused by tree roots increase the priority but defects which do not appreciably affect the public’s use (such as broken paving flags) do not. We use this data to identify which should be added to a shortlist for resurfacing.

Applying these criteria, there is, at present, insufficient justification to resurface either the footway or carriageway on Abercairn Road. However, we will review the condition of both early next year.

As you may be aware, Abercairn Road is in an area of proposed controlled parking (see ). If this proposal finds favour with residents then before marking the new parking bays etc, we would err on the side of caution and bring forward any carriageway resurfacing that we expect to carry out in the following two years on any of the affected roads

In the meantime, at least once a year one of our highway inspectors will walk the length of Abercairn Road. Any defects that they find on that inspection which exceed our intervention criteria will be repaired.

Kind regards

Cllr Claire Holland
Deputy Leader (Environment & Clean Air)