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Create a pedestrian crossing to protect children heading to/from school in Streatham

We the undersigned petition the council to create a pedestrian crossing to protect children heading to/from school in Streatham.

Although there are pedestrian crossings on the busiest road - 'Streatham Vale' - there are not any to support people travelling from the opposite direction - those coming along Glencairn Road (under the railway bridge at the bottom end of the road). Many children and their families have to cross the busy junction on Sherwood Avenue/Glencairn Road, which is dangerous and difficult to navigate for both pedestrians and drivers.

Many children are walking to/from school alone or with their friends and this will only increase as the secondary population grows and the pupils travel independently. As a parent you can prepare your children and give them advice on road safety, however there comes a point where a junction is just overly difficult and risky due to the amount of traffic, the limited gaps in that traffic flow and the number of directions you have to consider before stepping out.

At busy times in the morning and afternoon, the route is used by vehicles cutting through Streatham Vale - drivers rushing to get to work or doing the school run themselves. As a sometimes-pedestrian, sometimes-driver I appreciate the difficulty of the junction regardless of whether on foot or in a car.

I have witnessed near-misses as children have stepped into the road, only for a car to come along and have to stop suddenly. I've seen well-intentioned drivers stop on Sherwood Avenue and allow pedestrians to cross, causing vehicles behind them to nearly crash into the back of them or for drivers coming the other way to not stop, again causing a risk to the pedestrians.

It's tricky as the cars moving quickly and as a pedestrian you have to look in multiple directions and go quickly when there is a gap. It's made even more difficult because the junction with Sherwood Avenue and Gleinster Park Road is just a few metres away.

This junction isn't just used by children and families and not just for travelling to;/from school - it gets busy at evenings and weekends as well. I'm truly concerned and fear there will be a serious incident there soon.

The aim of this petition is to raise support for a pedestrian crossing at the junction - enabling people to cross Sherwood Avenue safely. This petition has been brought to the attention of Streatham South Councillors and Lambeth Council urging them to take action.

On reaching 1500 signatures The relevant officer will be called to an Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting

This Paper petition ran from 17/07/2019 to 02/09/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Dear Liz,

At the Council meeting on 17 July 2019 your ward councillor, John Kazantzis, presented a petition calling for a pedestrian crossing to serve Woodmansterne School.

There is a national code of practice that advises when formal pedestrian crossings such as zebra crossings should be installed. The main determinant is the number of vehicles that drive along the road and the secondary determinant is the number of pedestrians who cross the road in the busiest four hours of the day. Council officers met ward councillors, local residents and Woodmansterne school governors at the junction of Glencairn Road and Sherwood Avenue last month.

Initial indications are that the amount of traffic and the number of pedestrians justify the resources required to undertake a full analysis to identify what interventions would be most appropriate to help pedestrians cross the road here. The first stage will be to carry out traffic and pedestrian counts in the Autumn term.

It is too early to say whether this will result in the council installing a zebra crossing but once our assessment is complete council officers will write to you to let you know the outcome.

Kind regards

Cllr Claire Holland
Deputy Leader (Environment & Clean Air)