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Speeding and rat-running on St Matthew's Rd

We the undersigned petition the council to take urgent action to address speeding and rat-running on St. Mathew's Road and make it a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and those less confident on the roads.

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On reaching 1500 signatures The relevant officer will be called to an Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting

This Paper petition ran from 17/07/2019 to 30/08/2019 and has now finished.

107 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

Dear Maureen Simpson,

Thank you for preparing this petition and highlighting the problems that you are experiencing on St Matthew's Road due to motor traffic.

Lambeth have been awarded Liveable Neighbourhood Funding to make Brixton and the surrounding area a place that prioritises the needs of people walking and cycling over motor traffic. Trying to fix issues like those raised by your petition is a large part of why this programme exists. I hope that we can work together with yourselves, Ward Councillors and other stakeholders over the coming months to develop a detailed understanding of the situation and consider the possible solutions to the rat-running you are experiencing on St Matthew’s Road.

Please email or confirm that you are happy for your contact details to be saved as a contact for this project and we can get the ball rolling. Transport Officers will work with you to identify everyone that needs to be involved and arrange a meeting to discuss the matter.

On a related note, we are currently running a public engagement on this website to understand local issues and we how can fix them through the Liveable Neighbourhood programme. Please spread the word with anyone living in and around Brixton who may not be aware of this engagement. Simply search 'Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood' and the website will be the top result.

Thank you again for raising your concerns with me and I hope that we can achieve a workable solution through the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood project.

Kind regards

Cllr Claire Holland
Deputy Leader (Environment & Clean Air)