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Clean Air at Clapham Manor School

We the undersigned petition the Council to help tackle the high levels of air pollution around Clapham Manor Primary School and the harm that it is causing the children there. We call on Lambeth Council to consider all options to reduce air pollution including restricting non-resident cars from Belmont Road, Belmont Close and the northern end of Stonhouse Street at drop-off and pick-up times.

In London, more than 9,500 people a year die prematurely as a result of exposure to unsafe levels of pollution. Children are the most affected. According to the British Lung Foundation they breathe faster and more deeply than adults, spend more time outside and are closer to car exhausts, all of which leads to a higher exposure to toxic fumes. The UK has one of the highest childhood asthma rates in the world and London children are growing up with stunted lung capacity.
The London Borough of Lambeth is one of the most polluted areas in London, with Brixton Road exceeding the annual legal levels of NO2-pollution just over two weeks into the year. More than 40 Lambeth schools are in areas that exceed the legal 40mg limit. Air pollution affects children far more than adults with symptoms ranging from cancer to asthma.
According to this website, which allows you to look up pollution at your child's school, the annual concentration of particulate pollution at Clapham Manor Primary School is 13.8 µg/m³. The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers a level lower than 10 to be safe. In Lambeth, Clapham Manor ranks 60th out of 103 schools.
Other London boroughs, including Hackney, Greenwich, Camden, Southwark, Wimbledon, Haringey and Croydon, have recently implemented versions of a scheme called ‘School Streets’, which has successfully reduced air pollution around schools.
‘School Streets’ involves a temporary closure of roads around a given school at drop-off and pick-up during term time, when many children are clustered around the school gate. It has been found to reduce exposure to air pollution as well as increase road safety. Vehicles are not allowed to enter during drop-off and pick-up unless they have an exemption, normally issued to: residents; people working in a School Street zone; businesses based there; or blue badge holders. Signs inform drivers of the restriction before entering the closed zones. Non-registered vehicles entering the street during the times of operation will be identified by camera and issued a fixed penalty notice.
We, the undersigned, hope that this scheme can be used in conjunction with other measures to reduce air pollution around Clapham Manor Primary School, and hope that this could inspire other schools to implement similar measures.

Started by: Henry Hemming

This Petition ran from 18/07/2019 to 18/10/2019 and has now finished.

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