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Build a fully enclosed play area for dogs within Norwood Park (Salter’s Hill)

build a fully enclosed play area for dogs within Norwood Park (Salter’s Hill). It would include a dog agility area, benches and chairs for the owners, a fresh water drinking fountain and a bin outside to dispose of dog mess etc. This would serve as an additional space for dogs, therefore they would not be only confined to this space. Dogs and owners would still be allowed to enjoy the open green spaces within all unrestricted areas of the park.

24% of the UK adult population have a dog with an estimated population of 8.9 million pet dogs. Dogs need regular exercise and socialisation which cannot be done sufficiently on our busy London streets. I am a dog owner (an 8 month puppy) and I know many other dog owners who agree that dogs enjoy the freedom of running in large green open spaces whilst off lead but are often met by frightened, aggressive, angry adults and children, if our dog walks/runs too close to them. At Norwood park, often the playground gates are left open, which makes it very easy for a dog to enter. Even if it is only brief, some adults/children can react quite negatively.
If dogs had their own fenced off play area within the park this would mean less interaction with other park users. It would also mean less dog mess in the general park area. And dogs would have a safe and fun space to play and socialise.

This proposal will therefore allow dogs and their owners, children and adults all the opportunity to enjoy the open green space with minimal interaction with dogs and less incidents with humans and dogs.

Within the dog play area: Owners must be responsible for cleaning up their dog mess and must maintain full control of their dogs. Owners of aggressive dogs must be extra vigilant to ensure correct behaviour.

The area to be sign-posted to advise penalty fines will be imposed if the above is not adhered to.

At present, I have found only one fully enclosed dog agility play area in Twickenham, West London.

This Paper petition ran from 12/02/2019 to 26/08/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Dear Ms Williams

Thank you for taking the time to create a petition in support of installing a dog play area in Norwood Park. Whilst we are interested to see the level of support for the proposal I am afraid it isn’t something we are in a position to fund in the short-term. The parks budget was halved in 2016 in response to the severe reductions in Government funding and we only have a budget for a basic level of grounds maintenance. There is no available funding for investment into new facilities such as you propose. We are acutely aware that much of the infrastructure within Norwood Park – for example play equipment, toilets, paths and benches – is now in a very poor condition and needs investment. We are planning to start work on a bid for capital funding for the park, but there are no guarantees that Lambeth will be able to identify capital – and the priority will have to be replacement and repair of existing facilities. We will however consider new facilities for dogs having received your well-supported petition. If you haven’t done so already I would recommend engaging with the Friends of Norwood Park over your proposal. In addition, have you considered starting a crowd-funding campaign for this? If you would like to correspond with the parks team directly over this issue in the future, please contact us via email:

Kind regards

Kevin Crook
Assistant Director Neighbourhoods
Environment and Streetscene
Residents’ Services
London Borough of Lambeth
mobile: 07956 654616