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Sullivan Road Barrier Must Remain

We the undersigned petition the Council to Ensure that the traffic barrier situated at the junction of Sullivan Road and Brook Drive remains intact in the event of any redesign of the traffic flows to and from Brook Drive.

1. Junction of Walcot Square and Sullivan Road is very small with high walls creating blind junction/corners. Even now this poses a danger to other street users and if more traffic were to pass through the area, a very tragic accident could easily occur.
2. Pavements on this stretch of road are narrow at 4’ from wall to road, and without kerb.
3. The barrier provides traffic calming for the similarly dangerous entrance to Polperro Mews.
4. The barrier provides a safe route for cyclists.
5. The barrier provides safe walking routes to Charlotte Sharman, Archbishop Sumner, Notre Dame, Ethelred Nursery schools among several others.
6. The barrier provides a safe environment for the Amputee Rehabilitation Centre on Monkton Street whose wheelchair patients often take themselves up and down Monkton Street and Sullivan Road, benefitting from their relative calm.
7. One side of Sullivan Road has very narrow pavements maximum 4’ with no kerb and with front doors opening directly on to them. This includes the part of Sullivan Road directly adjacent to Brook Drive on turning left from the Walcot Square opening and the part of Sullivan Road on turning right from the Walcot Square opening.
8. If rat-running traffic could navigate Sullivan Road to/from Brook Drive, there would be speeding along the length of Sullivan Road through Monkton Street as already happens whenever drivers get lost in the network.
9. Sullivan Road is itself a narrow street where any build up of traffic would be extremely oppressive and polluting given the proximity of the housing to the actual road.
10. If rat-running traffic could navigate around Walcot Square and St Mary’s Gardens to get to/from Brook Drive, a new safety threat would be introduced for the charity housing stock belonging to the Walcot Foundation.
11. The network comprising Walcot Square and St Marys Gardens is a famous heritage and conservation area dating back to 1790.
12. The Sullivan Road barrier has been in place for 10 – 20 years and if anything is to happen to it, it should be replaced with a more permanent structure.

Started by: Maureen Korda

This Petition ran from 21/08/2018 to 02/12/2018 and has now finished.

20 people signed this Petition.


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