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Cancellation of secondary school rebuilding programme in Lambeth

We the undersigned petition the Council to lobby the Education Secretary, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, to immediately restore the funding for Lambeth's secondary school rebuilding programme, as previously promised by the Government. We believe that local children deserve to be taught in modern facilities, and agree with staff, parents, and pupils of all of the affected schools that the planned school rebuilding projects are a crucial plank of their plans to further improve the education they offer to local children. We call on Lambeth Council to do everything in its power to ensure that the Government is held to account, and that the funding our excellent local schools need is immediately returned.

On 5th July, Education secretary Michael Gove announced that Lambeth's £185 million school rebuilding programme would be stopped, which will result in the cancellation of the planned refurbishment, rebuild or remodelling of Archbishop Tenison, Bishop Thomas Grant RC, Charles Edward Brooke, La Retraite RC, Landsdowne, London Nautical, St Martin in the Fields, and Turney secondary schools. The future of much needed projects at Dunraven, Norwood, Lilian Baylis, which were due to start within days, and funding for a fourth new school for Lambeth are also now in doubt.Lambeth has already successfully negotiated many of the necessary planning and design phases, at a cost of around £6 million, and was scheduled to sign off on the projects on 12 July. Teachers and pupils at the affected schools have contributed hundreds of hours towards ensuring that building designs are appropriate to the school.This Government's short-sighted actions are denying thousands of local children the modern school facilities they deserve, as well as leaving hundreds without a place at a local secondary school.

Started by: CllrPete Robbins

On reaching 1 signatures An officer will investigate the matter further

This Petition ran from 20/07/2010 to 31/08/2010 and has now finished.

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Council response

The Council supports the view of the petitioners and can confirm that three schools have now been reinstated into the BSF programme. However the Council knows that Lambeth’s schools need much more investment in this and will be drawing this to the government’s attention at every possible opportunity.


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