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Budget and Performance Report - Q1 2021-22

08/10/2021 - Budget and Performance Report - Q1 2021-22

The Leader, Councillor Claire Holland introduced the report, in which she highlighted that:

  • Despite it being difficult to compare data from this year to last due to the pandemic, significant improvements can be seen
  • A high percentage of senior staff hold one or more protected characteristics
  • There had been an increased demand in temporary accommodation and social care needs throughout the borough resulting in pressure to budget and service delivery
  • The delivery of affordable housing remains a key priority for the Council.


Councillor Scott Ainslie, speaking on behalf of the Green Group, raised concerns regarding the Budget Report, and posed a number of questions surrounding:

  • Borough Plan KPI’s: Concerns around the figure for Youth Violence being marked as on track despite recent events of this nature
  • The number of dwellings that were offered as affordable housing
  • The overspend on temporary accommodation and whether the recent regeneration estates have secured Council tenants


In response to some of the questions and comments, Councillor Edward Davie, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People highlighted that the Council’s performance indicator for youth violence showed the rate of youth violence per 1000 young people aged 1-24 years old, which had fallen. Councillor Davie noted that the trend was down this quarter, but the problem is not solved, and the Council must continue to work hard to carry this trend further.

Deputy Leader, Councillor Matthew Bennett, Cabinet Member for Planning, Development and New Homes highlighted that there had been substantial progress surrounding new homes, including a number of new homes having been built in various locations across the borough. One of the developments also benefitted from 18 additional homes than the original Planning Permission agreed. Councillor Bennett also stated that the most suitable temporary accommodation is being sought, and steps are in place to work towards ending the housing strategy including using homes to house the homeless.

In conclusion to the discussion, Councillor Jim Dixon, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care explained that the Lambeth Make Safer Strategy is being implemented by priority work streams and offered support to any Cabinet Member in terms of understanding the Lambeth Make Safer Strategy.

Following consideration, Cabinet resolved:

  1. To note the latest performance update against the delivery of the Borough Plan, including both the review of the activity taken place in the directorate business plans as well as the corporate performance indicator outturns.
  2. To note the financial position reported for Q1 and to note the budgetary risks and mitigating measures moving forward.
  3. To note the latest position of each of the directorates, looking at the budgetary position, performance and progress towards the delivery of business plans