Issue - decisions

Myatts Field North Phase 3A & 3B Better Streets

25/03/2021 - Myatts Field North Phase 3A & 3B Better Streets


1.    To grant scheme approval to upgrade the Myatts Field North Phase 3A & 3B roads to the Council’s acceptable Highways department standard at a total project cost of £1,085,590. The shortfall of £567,595 to be met from the 5-year Capital Investment Programme.


2.    To approve the inclusion of Cromwell Road (east of Lennox Road), Navarre Road, Winterslow Road, Fairbairn Green and Elliott Road to the Vassall (Zone V) CPZ, including waiting and loading restrictions, subject to a satisfactory consultation.


3.    To approve the formalisation of the one-way traffic system currently operating on Navarre Road and Winterslow Road and introduce vertical traffic calming on Elliott Road.


4.    That, subject to the above approvals, to agree to these schemes’ implementation under section 90 of the Highways Act 1980 subject to no material objections resulting from the statutory consultation process, but that any objections that are received are considered by the Assistant Director Infrastructure, Environment, Public Realm & Climate Change Delivery before a decision on the respective measure(s) or whether or not to hold a public inquiry is reached.