Issue - decisions

Public Realm Protection Proposals

25/06/2020 - Public Realm Protection Proposals


1.    To approve the use of £321,364 from Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy receipts to fund specialist infrastructure that mitigates against risks arising from potential hostile vehicles.


2.    To waive under section 17.2 (b) Emergency of the Council’s Contract Standing Orders, to appoint Allens Total Perimeter Security Ltd as sole supplier in respect of these works. The solution needs to be put in place urgently in order to minimise the risk to the life and health of the general public.


3.    To award Allens Total Perimeter Security Ltd the contract to supply and install the measures as described in Part II of this report at a value of £234,895.35 from July 2020.until October 2020


4.    To note the consents and engagement process required as detailed in Part II.


5.    To enter a S.101 agreement with Transport for London for works on their boundary.