Issue - decisions

Extension of Insurance Legal Services framework

02/09/2020 - Extension of Insurance Legal Services framework

(1)          To approve a contract variation to increase the value of the existing insurance legal services framework by £6,000,000 taking the total cost under the framework to £16.2m to allow for the cost of disbursements incurred in handling civil litigation cases and redress claims, for the four suppliers listed below:


Kennedy’s LLP;

Browne Jacobson LLP;

Berryman’s Lace Mawer LLP; and,

Clyde & Co LLP.


(2)          To approve an extension to the existing four suppliers under the insurance legal services framework to extend the period of the original contract for a further nineteen months from 31 May 2021 to 31 December 2022 to ensure a period of continuity during the operation of the historic abuse Redress Scheme.


(3)          To waive contract standing order requirement for competition.