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Delegation of powers to London Councils - dockless bikes byelaw

14/10/2019 - Delegation of powers to London Councils - dockless bikes byelaw

The report was introduced by Simon Phillips and Deputy Leader (Clean Air and Environment), Councillor Claire Holland who highlighted that:

·       The creation of a London-wide Byelaw would require Lambeth with other boroughs to delegate their Byelaw making functions on this matter to London Council’s Transport and Environment Committee. This would also need to be approved by Full Council.

·       Each participating Council will be able to decide whether to ensure that appropriate parking spaces are designated, or opt to provide no parking provision at all.



1.     That the making of a pan-London Byelaw that would regulate dockless cycle hire schemes by, amongst other things, compelling dockless operators to use designated parking spaces and to prohibit cycles being left anywhere other than as stipulated by boroughs, be approved.

2.     That officers be authorised to present a report to Full Council recommending that they also agree to the delegation of the Councils byelaw making powers to London Councils Transport and Environment Committee and that they authorise an appropriate officer or member to sign the declaration on its behalf.