Issue - decisions

Vulnerable Adults’ Pathway

20/05/2019 - Vulnerable Adults’ Pathway

1.     To note the spend from 1 April 2019 to 29 May 2019 at a cost of £715,338.83.


2.     To waive clause 9.2 of the Council’s Contract Standing Orders to extend ten contracts for the provision of supported housing for single vulnerable adults for the period of 1 year from 29 May 2019 to 31 March 2020 at value of £3,576,694.17 and a total value of £4,292,033. Please see breakdown of contract values below:

St Mungos, Chrysalis Project £434,537

St Mungos, Wix’s Lane £195,633

St Mungos, Lambeth Assessment Centre £638,218

Thames Reach, Graham House £780,762

Thames Reach, The Waterloo Project and Camberwell New Road £413,369

Thames Reach, Lambeth High Street £336,358

Thames Reach, Robertson Street £543,384

Look Ahead, North Patch £395,983

  St Mungos, South Patch £353,789

  NACRO, Latch House £200,000