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Clapham Business Improvement District (BID) Renewal Ballot Proposal

23/11/2018 - Clapham Business Improvement District (BID) Renewal Ballot Proposal

Please note that the following recommendations are in order of occurrence, with each following on from the previous:


(1)       To endorse the BID proposal submitted by This is Clapham BID.


(2)       To request the Chief Executive as Returning Officer and “Ballot Holder” to hold a ballot for This is Clapham BID, at an estimated cost of £4,000.


(3)       To agree that the council will pay any BID levy due in relation to properties within the BID area (currently £3,780 per annum).


(4)       To authorise the Strategic Director Corporate Resources (or equivalent Senior Officer with relevant authority) to complete the ballot paper on behalf of the council in favour of the BID proposal.


(5)       To authorise the Head of Legal Services to complete the necessary legal agreements required for the operation of the BID Levy, Ballot and service arrangements and any other necessary matters for the proposed BID in consultation with the appropriate officers.