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Tackling Violence Against Young People: Outline & Vision

11/04/2018 - Tackling Violence Against Young People: First Steps

The Cabinet Member for Healthier and Stronger Neighbourhoods (job share), Councillor Mohammed Seedat, introduced the report. He informed Cabinet that these first steps were a results of work undertaken over the last 18 months. The main theme of this report was to highlight the change in approach and to address the wider generational issues of youth violence. He stated that while much good work had taken place over the years a new approach was needed and the model set out in the report would look to tackle the problem of youth violence.


Cabinet heard from Patrick Vernon, Director of Black Thrive, Mahamed Hashi and Ayman Riane from the YLC, they stated:

·         That it was important that the strategy was owned by the Council, and using the public health approach was a positive move.

·         Accountability needed to be with all parts of the community with the Council and other statutory partners playing key roles.

·         It was good that consideration was given to previous efforts and that the strategy was not “re-inventing the wheel”.

·         The work would be community led which gave it more creditability.

·         Involving young people at the development stage was beneficial and should be the approach for all such strategies.


In response to question from Cabinet members, Officers advised that:

·         Some of the previous strategy’s focus on other elements of youth violence such as the Gang’s Commission. 

·         The main difference with this strategy was the inclusive approach and focusing on addressing the problem over a longer period.

·         Children from a very young age up to 25 were captured by the strategy.

·         The Children’s and Young People Plan which was due to be launched later in the week has some similarities to this strategy and officers needed to determine would complement the work being undertaken.





1.         To endorse the proposed vision and agree the first steps to developing Lambeth’s “Tackling Violence against Young People” strategy.