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Lambeth Local Plan Review and Local Development Scheme

22/09/2017 - Lambeth Local Plan Review and Local Development Scheme

The Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration and Jobs, Councillor Matthew Bennett, introduced the report and noted that whilst this was a limited review of the Local Plan, it would still take a considerable amount of time to complete, with an anticipated implementation date of 2020. The first round of consultation would take place immediately and ward councillors had been asked to update local community groups and Tenant Resident Associations to encourage a wide cohort of people to engage with the process.


Cabinet members then made the following comments:

·         Policies included in the Local Plan could potentially last for decades and thorough consideration was required of the needs of people with disabilities. The quality of the public realm had a large impact of the lives of disabled people and many implications for adult social care services.

·         The consultation strategy was pivotal to the review and officers had already produced commendable plans. These had been put before the council’s Equalities Panel.


The Delivery Lead for Planning Strategy and Policy, Catherine Carpenter, noted that this was an opportunity to ensure that all the existing policy within the Local Plan was up to date in relation to design for disabled people. The Acting Head of Equalities, Jean Taylor, had provided valuable advice towards the design of the consultation exercise.


The Chair encouraged all local people and community groups to engage in the process before thanking officers for their work.




1.    To agree the process and timetable for the partial review of the Lambeth Local Plan summarised in paragraph 2.20 of the report.

2.    To agree a first round of public consultation on issues for the partial review of the Lambeth Local Plan applying the consultation and engagement plan set out in Appendix 1 of the report.

3.    To agree the Local Development Scheme at Appendix 3 of the report.