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Response to Environmental Crime Scrutiny Commission'

13/03/2015 - Environmental Crime Scrutiny Commission: Response and Action Plan

(Report 14/15-156 and appendices) (Key decision)


Councillor John Kazantis introduced the report:


  • Councillor John Kazantzis thanked fellow Commission members for their work on the response and action plan; highlighting the series of meetings, both Council and public based, that had taken place.  The broad focus was generally on fly-tipping, an issue especially prevalent in southern wards.
  • The Lead Commissioner for Commissioning noted that the majority of actions were already under way; that the proposals safeguarded services and brought them together into 5 neighbourhood teams for an improved, locally-led response.  It was noted that although fixed penalty notices were issued through a private contractor, ticketing was not incentivised.
  • Councillors Imogen Walker and Jane Pickard thanked the team for their hard work and found it heartening that many proposals had already been implemented, noting that residents had already contributed to improving fly-tipping in Knight’s Hill.




That the action plan proposed in response to the Commission’s recommendation be approved.