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Co-operative Local Investment Plans (CLIPs) and Neighbourhood Community Infrascture Levy (CIL): Boundaries and Decision-Making

18/07/2014 - Co-operative Local Investment Plans (CLIPs) and Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL): Boundaries and Decision-Making

(Report 25/14-15 and appendices), (Key decision – call-in deadline Friday 25 July 2014)


The Cabinet Member for Jobs & Growth introduced the report and thanked Michael Ball of the Waterloo Community Development Group and officers who had helped to develop the proposals. The report was the beginning of an evolutionary process.


The following members of the Cabinet spoke in favour of the proposals:


·         The Leader of the Council welcome the approach of setting up a trial CLIP in Stockwell and commented that it was important for residents in an area where there was development to see a community benefit.  The 25% investment in local projects would enable the council to build capacity and resilience in its communities.

·         The Deputy Leader, Policy welcomed the programme starting in Stockwell.  She praised the partnership approach and said she looked forward to other areas being developed.

·         The Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said that he welcomed the CLIPS and asked for sensitivity in working with some residents who were on the peripheries of large neighbourhoods. 

·         The Cabinet Member for Children & Adult Services said that she supported community involvement in decision making and was pleased that the approach was based on the Neighbourhood Engagement Panels (NEP). 


(1)          To the approve the decision-making process:


a.    Identification of proposals and priorities for CLIPs should be led by the community within agreed principles, standards and parameters.

b.    Ward councillors should provide local leadership to develop CLIPS.

c.    The Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth will agree the operational framework developed for CLIPs.

d.    The Council, as the accountable body, will be responsible for establishing and managing CLIPs by developing an operational framework setting out principles, standards and parameters using co-operative principles.


(2)          To approve 7 boundaries for the development of Co-operative Local Investment Plans (CLIPs). 


(3)          To approve the timetable and next steps for developing and agreeing the first CLIP, to cover the Stockwell CLIP area, by the end of the financial year, also noting the budgetary implications.


(4)          To note that the Strategic Director for Delivery, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth, has delegated authority to co-produce the process for developing, establishing and managing the operational process of CLIPs.