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B&Q Decorating Voucher Scheme

28/05/2014 - B&Q Decorating Voucher Scheme

Lambeth Living are responsible for the delivery of decorations allowances to its tenants moving into void properties. In 2012 a new process for the delivery of payments was implemented through the issuing of decorating cards which tenants could use to purchase decorating materials up to a pre-loaded limit. The service is currently being provided under a call-off contract from the Procurement for Housing (PFH) Decorating Voucher Scheme framework agreement and is due to expire on 31/3/2014. The implementation of the new system has resulted in significant improvements to service delivery and customer satisfaction, and a reduction in associated costs. In order to maintain these improvements Lambeth Living on behalf of the Council seek approval to award a new contract to B&Q via the re-procured PFH framework agreement for a term of 2 years and 4 months, with the option to extend for a further year. The estimated value of the contract including the extension period is £800,000. The contract will be shared between the three Housing Area Offices, North, South and Central.