Committee details

Commissioning Committee for Mental Health & Older People

Purpose of committee


London Borough of Lambeth and Lambeth CCG have been working closely to align commissioning of services for older adults and adults with mental illness since 2010. The two organisations have agreed to further align by establishing an integrated commissioning team. They have also now agreed to bring together the decision makers to better align strategy and policy.


As part of the Better Care Fund the council and CCG are required to pool elements of funding for adult services from April 2015. This builds upon the already strongly aligned commissioning for older people. In addition the council and CCG have chosen to pool budgets associated with the mental health Integrated Personal Support Alliance (IPSA) to enable the commissioning of a common service offer.


We need to establish appropriate governance and programme arrangements to support the effective management of these pooled funds.

Each organisation has separately agreed the amounts of resource to be pooled through CCG Governing Body and council cabinet.

The agreement to work together is set out in detail in the section 75 agreement signed by the CCG and the council.



The committee will discuss strategy, policy and commissioning of services for older adults and adults with mental illness. The CCG and the council meeting together will review the use of pooled budgets for the Better Care Fund and the Integrated Personal Support Alliance.


Decisions will be made by the members of the committees against the respective schemes of delegations for the council and CCG. For the council delegation is to lead members, Cabinet or officers. For the CCG delegation is to the CCG and integrated commissioning team members with the Director of Integrated Commissioning (Adults) accountable as Senior Responsible Officer.


For this committee:

The CCG members meeting together have delegated authority to make decisions under the CCG scheme of delegation.

For the council, lead cabinet members will make decisions through signing agreed papers. This will be supported by discussions at the committee in common but the decisions cannot formally be made at the meeting.


Meetings will take place monthly and dates will be determined by Democratic



This Committee will meet in private reflecting current CCG programme arrangements and council outcome panels. Key decisions for the council will be on the Council’s forward plan and minutes of the meeting will form part of CCG Governing Body public papers.


Services for people with disabilities and children are not in scope for these committees.



To improve outcomes for older adults and adults with mental illness in Lambeth and their carers.

To optimise the use of resources for these care groups across the commissioning responsibilities of the council and CCG.

To agree commissioning strategy and policy for commissioning of services for older adults and adults with mental illness.

To govern use and manage of the pooled budgets for the Better care Fund and Integrated Personal Support Alliance.

To prioritise and guide the work of the Integrated Commissioning team.

To own and assist in the resolution of risks and issues.

To advise the Cabinet and CCG Governing Body.


Contact information

Support officer: Nazyer Choudhury, Email:, Tel: 0207 926 0028.

Postal address:
1st Floor, Room 1-17
Lambeth Town Hall
Brixton Hill

Phone: 0207 926 0028